Actuarial Calculator


The Actuarial Calculator is a tool that gives you a direct view on several actuarial values with just a few clicks.

It is delivered standard with several mortality tables; some taken from the Human Mortality Database.

You can simply add mortality tables as long as you use the same format as the mortality tables that are delivered with the tool. See below for a descriptions of this format.

You need the .NET Framework 2.0 or higher to run ActCalc.

If you have a question or comment regarding ActCalc please write to: jay-mus(at)hotmail(dot)com

Download the Calculator


By default the mortality tables are in a subdirectory of the executable. When you want to change this, change the path in the options dialog.

The calculator calculates actuarial variables with the button “Calculate”. They will be based on the mortality table and the year or period.

You can add any table you want in the form of a textfile. Tables are tab delimited and must include the following columns:
Year Age qx qy pmx lmx pmy lmy
Use Ctrl+K to copy any value with focus to the calculator on the right of the screen for simple calculatory operations.