Front-end for PSTools

Front-end for PsTools (FePsTools) is a graphical interface around the command line tools from SysInternal's PsTools.

FePsTools gives you an easy way to build the command you need to execute a PsTool utility. While you are clicking and typing the needed options you can see the command line build up.

Once you have created the command line, FePsTool can execute the command for you and will show you the results. It can also create a shortcut from your command line or you can copy the command line and use it in your script.

This is version 2 of FePsTools. With this new version the program is brought up to date with the version 2.44 of PsTools.

Besides a make-over of the user interface there are several other new features. Please refer to the documentation to read about the new features and fixes.



Click on the link below to download FePsTools. To use FePsTool you will also need to download the PsTools utilities from the SysInternals site. There is no special installation required. Just unzip the FePsTools executable in any directory and run it.